Toronto ACORN Landlord Licensing Victory!

Toronto ACORN landlord licensing

Posted December 15, 2016

Twelve years ago ACORN began our fight to license landlords to make sure our homes were free of roaches and force the landlords to do repairs. Twelve years ago, people said we were never going to win, and we should not even bother trying. Two years ago, people said we could not do it.
Well, yesterday, city council voted to move forward on ACORN's demand for real enforcement of apartment standards. This is all thanks to ACORN members' commitment to the fight. We never gave up, no matter how hard it got.
We call it LiveSafe or Landlord Licensing. Call it ACORN's Healthy Homes program, we'll give you permission. Whatever the city decides to call this program, it will improve housing conditions for renters in Toronto and benefit the ACORN members who have been working so hard for so many years.
Among other things, this legislation will implement proactive inspections for all buildings and automatic fines for slumlords. It will mandate that pest control plans and capital repair budgets are in place for every building, and that a stable funding base is collected from landlords so that program funding is protected from from any cutbacks.
Toronto ACORN members and all our allies who helped us win should be rolling into the new year feeling good.
ACORN members from across Toronto came down to city hall for this vote so that we could show our city councillors what ACORN is all about and win this historic victory for all tenants living in this city. If you're not with us already, now's the time to join. ACORN members across Canada will be building off this win to get landlord licensing in their city, and to make sure that we truly have healthy homes for all.
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