Scarborough Tenants Speak Out a big success!

Toronto ACORN

Posted January 16, 2017

On Saturday January 14th, Scarborough ACORN members gathered in the lobby of 215 Markham Rd to hold a Tenants Speak Out to ensure that the building management responds to the complaints of tenants regarding the poor conditions in the building. The building, owned and operated by CAPREIT, has a number of very significant issues. First and foremost being the stoves in the building which, due to the application of a supposed safety element, are now completely defective, meaning that it takes almost 30 minutes to simply boil water.
The tenants gathered in the lobby and signed letters of demands for management in the building, and also spoke extensively with the press. Camera teams from CTV, CBC, Global, and CP24 all came out to the action and were shocked by the condition of the building. ACORN Leaders in building spoke extensively to the press and are looking forward to hearing from building management in the coming days.