Roundhouse Radio: "We don't want a hand out, we want a hand up": BC ACORN members demand increas in social assistance rates

Posted October 14, 2016

As a person with a disability Chris Tetreau says he has to stretch 60 dollars a week to buy food.
As a supporter of BC ACORN, Tetreau and a dozen others rallied this morning, demanding the provincial government raise social assistance rates to 15 hundred dollars a month for regular assistance and 18 hundred for those with disabilities.
He says the current assistance of $990 for disability recipients doesn't help him find adequate housing, and says everyday is a struggle.
"I would say the math kind of shows that especially in the lower mainland there's no way somebody can live off that. Speaking as myself, with an intricate disability that requires a lot of medical attention at times, unfortunately I have to remain in a larger city to access the medical care that I need."
Tetreau says living with a disability is hard enough, but people's attitudes make things even more difficult.
"I'm sure that some people still have the idea that disability is a bit of a vacation. It's not a vacation, there are some people who just never get off of income assistance because we are not looking for a handout, we want a hand up."
The group also wants to see the reinstatement of the $45 annual bus pass for the disabled, saying travelling across the city shouldn't mean emptying their wallets.
Article by Taran Parmar for Roundhouse Radio