Ottawa Living Wage Campaign

Ottawa City Council has the opportunity to make the nation's capital a living wage city.

Ottawa Community News: Ontario to increase minimum wage to $11

Posted February 10, 2014
Minimum wage earners can expect something more on their paycheques come June 1, once a recent Ontario government decision comes into effect.
On Jan. 30, the province announced it would increase minimum wage from $10.25 to $11 an hour, following a recommendation made by an advisory panel made up of business, labour, youth and anti-poverty representatives. The province's minimum wage has been frozen since 2010.

Ottawa Citizen: ACORN held rally outside constituency office of Yasir Naqvi

Posted January 20, 2014

ACORN held a rally outside the constituency office of Yasir Naqvi, Ontario Minister of Labour, on Friday, January 17, 2014. ACORN Canada is an independent national organization of low and moderate income families, who are asking the Ontario government to raise the minimum wage to $14 and subsequently index it to the cost of living.