Oshawa ACORN is getting things moving for tenants!

Posted June 28, 2017

This past Friday the City of Oshawa’s Council voted to do some incredible things for tenants in the city. Starting later this fall, the city will host a “Tenant Awareness Week” focused on addressing concerns and hosting information sessions for tenants, about things like how to take legal action against a landlord and more. ACORN has been invited to table at one of their information events and are very excited that Council is on our side. 
Council also discussed a pilot project intended to test the feasibility and cost involved in our original Landlord Licensing proposal. The 2018 budget deliberations will be our time to press on again. For now, Council has identified three high-priority buildings based on the number of tenant complaints, and recommendations by the Region of Health, in which to test that feasibility. 
Presently the city already has a landlord licensing program running in the north end, covering rentals near Durham College. Our original proposal was that they simply expand the program to include all multi-residential units in the city. It appears that we are well on our way to doing this and making a brighter future for many residents living in Oshawa. 
After some questions about cost and accountability concerns, City of Oshawa Councilors voted unanimously to go forward with the pilot project commencing later this year. The project will be assessed upon completion and ACORN Oshawa will be pushing for all multi-residential apartment buildings covered under the Residential Rental Licensing program in 2018.