Nova Scotia ACORN - Lead Organizer & Part Time Organizers

Posted January 18, 2018

Job Summary
ACORN Canada is looking for a Lead Organizer and Part Time Organizers to work in our Halifax office. We are looking for motivated individuals interested in fighting and winning local, provincial and national social justice campaigns in Canada. ACORN Canada is a non-profit organization made up of more than 102,000 low-and moderate-income member families, in 21 local chapters throughout the country, organized democratically through community organizing.
We are Canada's largest grassroots community organization for low and moderate income families. We have won many important social justice campaigns around payday lending, tenant issues, disability rights, fair banking – and more!
ACORN organizers build organizations in low and moderate-income communities. How? House by house, family by family, organizers hear from community residents what they want changed in their neighborhood, city, province, and country. Organizers work with community residents to hold meetings, conduct research on key issues, and develop campaign strategies to get these issues addressed. The ACORN organizer's job is to work for the membership of ACORN, helping build the power we need to win!
Job description: Building power for change! You will be part of a team doing community organizing in order to expand the reach of Nova Scotia ACORN's economic justice campaigns in low-to-moderate income neighbourhoods. The job will include direct door to door contact with people discussing local issues and getting them involved in the organization.
Lead Organizer: In addition to the above, you will be helping to manage Nova Scotia ACORN’s local and provincial campaigns, and running our outreach and fundraising programs in Halifax and Dartmouth. The successful applicant for the Lead Organizer position may require training out of province.
Responsibilities and Duties
What We Are Looking for from All Candidates:
-We organize in the field predominantly when many people are at home; must be willing work field hours between 12PM and 9PM
-People willing to work in a grassroots setting
-Willing to handle challenging and rewarding work to help our membership grow to be strong and active leaders
-Willing to be part of a team that is building a community organization whose purpose is to build power for low and moderate income people across Canada.
-Opportunity to: identify hot issues, develop leaders, organize meetings, rallies, protests, press conferences, marches, and run campaigns
Qualifications and Skills
No experience is required. Professional organizing training provided. Room for advancement in organization is available.
Positions available: Full Time and Part Time positions available.
Salary Range: Full Time $34,150; Part Time $15/hour
Send email to: - include cover letter and resume.