“Affordable for Who?: The State of Affordable Housing in Ottawa” Report Release ** “Abordable pour qui?: L’état du logement abordable dans Ottawa” Publication du rapport

Ottawa ACORN

Ottawa ACORN Leaders Mavis Finnamore, Grace Iyobosa, Abdullahi Ali Saida, and Lisa Brinston lead a press conference this morning to release a widely anticipated housing report called “Affordable for Who? The State of Affordable Housing in Ottawa”.

“Go Away , We Won’t Pay!” Vanier Anti-Predatory Lending Rally! * “Pas un de plus!” Rassemblement de Vanier contre les prêts prédateurs !

Ottawa ACORN Vanier Payday Loans

ACORN members here in Ottawa and across the country are calling for REAL alternatives to payday lenders from ALL levels of government. * Les membres d'ACORN, ici à Ottawa et partout au pays, réclament de VRAIES alternatives aux prêteurs sur salaire de tous les paliers de gouvernement.

Toronto Star: Social housing retrofits save money and promote health

Posted July 30, 2018

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, started door knocking in 2004 in Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton.

Since then we have facilitated 20- to 40-minute house visits with over 150,000 of the lowest-income tenants across these three cities.

During each visit we ask, “What is the biggest issue you would like to see changed?”

Undoubtedly, the most common issue we hear about is the substandard state of both public and private housing.

Scrapping of cap and trade revenues a big loss for Ontario tenants badly in need of apartment retrofits

ACORN members fight for apartment repairs

In the previous government’s Climate Change Action Plan, tenants were promised $385 million to $500 million for social housing retrofits, plus $300 to $400 million in incentives for retrofits in other private apartment buildings, funded through cap and trade revenues. The diversion of this money away from retrofits represents a huge loss for hundreds of thousands of tenants across the province.