ACORN releases new report on a No Displacement Community Benefits Agreement campaign in Herongate

Ottawa ACORN Herongate CBA
Community benefits agreements (CBAs) are legally enforceable contracts signed by community groups and a private developer or government agency. CBAs can result  in a range of benefits for community members, such as jobs and training; community amenities, support for local business, affordable housing and other provisions. 
As a community organization of low and moderate income families and individuals fighting for social and economic justice, ACORN is invested in ensuring community benefits agreements meet the needs of the communities we work with. 

The Globe and Mail: In a cashless world, society’s most vulnerable are being left behind

In Canada, 3 per cent of the population – about one million people – are “unbanked,” meaning they do not have a relationship with a mainstream financial institution, according to a 2016 report by Acorn Canada and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. 

A further 15 per cent – or roughly five million Canadians – are what the report calls “underbanked,” people with a bank account but no credit, people unable to afford fees or high interest rates linked to products for low-income borrowers or those who live in a neighbourhood that does not have a bank branch. 

Donna Borden, spokeswoman for Acorn’s Fair Banking campaign, says these people are often seniors, people on disability benefits, newcomers and people with mental-health issues, as well as those without a permanent address or government identification. For street-involved people who do have a bank account, holding onto the cards necessary to access money can be difficult. 

Capital Current: Unaffordable Designs: Why Ottawa transit planning is bad news for affordable housing

Phase 2 of Ottawa’s LRT is expected to create $4.5 billion in economic benefits when trains start running through stations. But activists and urban planners say re-development from the project risks cutting down on the supply of affordable housing as neighbourhoods near rapid transit become more expensive.

Lots of Beer & Lots of Trivia Makes for a Successful Fundraiser in Ottawa! / Beaucoup de bière et beaucoup de trivia font pour un levé-de-fond réussi à Ottawa!

Ottawa ACORN Trivial Beersuit

On Fri, April 5th 200 ACORN supporters from unions, non-profits and political groups as well as your regular trivia buffs and craft beer gurus attended Ottawa ACORN’s 5th annual fundraiser - Trivial Beersuit! / Le vendredi 5 avril, 200 supporteurs d’ACORN de syndicats, groupes de non-but lucratifs, groupes politiques, ainsi que vos habituels amateurs de trivia et gourous de la bière artisanale ont assisté à la cinquième édition du levé-de-fond d’Ottawa ACORN - Trivial Beersuit!