National Day of Action: Internet for All!

Posted February 3, 2016

On Feb 2, 2016 ACORN Canada members across the country held a National Day of Action to demand affordable internet rates for low-income Canadians. The Day of Action was organized to support the release of ACORN’s Internet for All report summarizing 400 testimonials from low-income Canadians about how vital yet unaffordable home internet is. The Internet for All report was created as a part of ACORN’s campaign challenging the telecom industry and regulators to ensure broadband internet costs are accessible to low-income Canadians.  Click here to see the report 
The report reveals that for low-income earners costs are extremely prohibitive and can lead to hardship. 58.9% of respondents revealed that the price of internet is extremely high and they cannot afford it BUT because they need home internet for everyday activities they are forced to take money out of budget items such as food and rent.
In Nova Scotia, ACORN members picketed outside the CRTC headquarters in Dartmouth, and then in to deliver a letter demanding the regulator hold a focus group in Halifax to talk about internet affordability with low-income families in that city.
In Montreal, members showed up to a Bell Canada store, and got some great petitioning and outreach done to bring awareness to the campaign in Quebec. 
In Ottawa, a couple dozen members turned out to an action at Stats Can saying they need the internet to apply and get the new jobs that have been created.   
Toronto ACORN leaders and allies held a joint press conference where members and allies spoke about the lack of internet accessibility and digital literacy affecting thousands of low-income families across the city. 
In BC, ACORN members gathered outside a CRTC office where members gave speeches about how difficult it is to get ahead without access to affordable home internet, and went on to petition and do outreach in the neighbourhood. 
It was a great day of action that generated tons of media response for ACORN’s Internet for All campaign. ACORN Canada members will keep up the fight for equality and access to digital opportunities. Sign the petition at
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