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ACORN Disability Rights Group Launch Aggressive Campaign for Liveable Allowance from BC Government

BC ACORN's Disability Rights Group.BC ACORN’s Disability Rights Group will be launching a more aggressive campaign to increase pressure on the government to meet people’s basic needs - it has become 100% clear that the BC Government will not increase the rates for disabled people. The ACORN Disability Rights Group will be holding a launching rally, as well as recruiting new members who will be waiting in line on Welfare Wednesday outside of the Ministry of Social Development office in Burnaby.

Join us Wednesday, Sept 26th at 11:00 AM – Ministry of Social Development, 4603 Kingsway.

Burnaby Now: Roma refugee families rally in Vancouver

BC ACORN rallies at Immigration Canada offices. Sept 18 2012.Roma-Hungarian refugee families from Burnaby, New Westminster and Coquitlam are gathering for a rally today outside of the federal immigration offices on Georgia Street in Vancouver.

"Roma people, Roma families have a big fear to go back to Hungary. Their life is in great danger there," said Florian Botos, a Burnaby resident who's helping organize the rally. Botos is expecting 50 or 60 people, mostly Roma refugee families from Hungary.

According to Botos, Roma people in Hungary face widespread discrimination and attacks from neo-Nazis, some of which have resulted in death.

The families are planning a peaceful protest, said Botos.

PRESS ADVISORY: Hungarian Roma refugees concerned for safety if and when deported

BC ACORN rally for refugee rights. September 18 2012. Members of ACORN Canada will be holding a protest in front of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada on Tuesday, September 18th at noon to highlight the serious threat to life and safety that new deportation rules mean for the Roma community in Canada.

Florian Botos is the spokesperson of ACORN Canada's Roma constituency:

"They are deporting us back to a situation where we will be beaten, harassed and possibly murdered by neo-Nazi groups that roam the streets of Hungary with little to no deterrence from the Police. It's terrifying.

Victory for BC ACORN's Disability Rights Group

futureshop logoBC ACORN's Disability Rights Group, led by Rick Erb, Tom Page, Noel Ouellette, and Canada Drouin recently took action to make their local Future Shop accesible. 

After the management of their local Future Shop ignored a letter about their entrance being difficult for many customers to navigate, ACORN members came out with petitions to build public support for their demand that the entrance be made accessible. 

Building for a National Day of Action on Housing

Ottawa ACORN planning meeting for August 29 Day of Action. On August 29th, ACORN members across Canada will be taking action for affordable and livable housing. 

Right now, members are hard at work building those actions. Get in touch with the ACORN office closest to you if you can help.

In Ottawa and Toronto ACORN members met this week to talk about turn-out and details for the day of. 

Communites across Canada are facing a crisis - they're in desperate need of more affordable and livable housing.

In BC, ACORN members recently met with the assistant deputy minister for housing after a long campaign to pressure his government to take the needs of tenants more seriously. Read more about that here

In Ottawa, ACORN members recently started a city-wide Healthy Homes campaign. Read more about that here

August will be busy as ACORN members from coast to coast continue meeting, and planning, and organizing.

Tenants in New Westminster Stand up to Slum Landlords

ACORN Canada members in BC were at it again, going after problem landlords and holding them accountable as part of our larger Healthy Homes Campaign.  This time in New Westminster, ACORN members had city inspectors out to inspect their building and at the same time held an action to demand their landlord, the Sahota family, clean up their act.  

You may remember from previous BC updates that this isn’t the first time a building owned by the Sahota family has been in the news.  Less than two months ago, a member in Surrey won a precedent setting fina against the family for failing to maintain a building in Surrey.   Moving forward ACORN will be laying out reforms to the Residential Tenancy Act, and reforms to how the act is enforced, as well as turning up the heat on the Sahota family and other slum landlords who think having families live in hellacious conditions is acceptable. Stay tuned for this as our members have no plans of stopping until everyone has a healthy home!

CTV: New claims of neglect made against infamous landlords

BC ACORN rallies for Healthy Homes in New Westminister.A notorious B.C. family of landlords is facing new allegations of neglect from tenants in New Westminster who say they went without running water for two weeks.

Residents of the building at 1210 Cameron Street say they've also dealt with mouldy floors, leaky ceilings and rodents, but owners Pal and Gurdyal Sahota aren't doing enough to fix it.

"There's mice in just about every unit. They're in the walls; you can hear them. In the basement, there's rats, there's various bugs, silverfish, cockroaches, bedbugs," renter John Dykema told reporters at a tenant rally Thursday.

The Province: Sahota landlords fix up New Westminster apartments prior to media tour

John Dykema takes part in a rally in New Westminster on April 26, 2012. Residents are upset with the condition of their building, which owned and run by Sahota-family-owned Waterfront Developments. Problems were fixed in the building the night before a scheduled media tour   Repairs come hours before media tour of probems

In a surprising move, renters at a New Westminster apartment block owned by the Sahota clan got quick and timely repairs.

The ink was barely dry on a press release announcing a Thursday rally and tour of the run-down Waterfront Developments property on Cameron Street when workers descended and fixed the most obvious of the building’s shortcomings.

“They were working here until midnight patching holes in the walls, dabbing paint around, and returning our water,” said renter John Dykema, who joined other ACORN members with a rousing call and response — “Who are we? ACORN! What do we want? Healthy homes! When do we want them? Now!”

The Record: New Westminster tenants protest living conditions

Tenants of a rental building in New Westminster are rallying against appalling living conditions.

ACORN Canada organized a rally at 1210 Cameron St. on Thursday to highlight tenants' living conditions, which include mold, mice and a foul stench caused by a sewage leak.

"My cat has caught some mice - about three or four," said tenant Mary Cappell. "It's very stressful."

According to ACORN Canada, the apartment's owner was recently fined $115,000 under the Residential Tenancy Act for failing to fix leaks at a Surrey building.