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In Memoriam: Hannah Diggs

Last month staff and members from BC ACORN received the sad news that longtime ACORN member and leader Hannah Diggs past away during an extended visit to her original home in Ghana. 
Hannah was a passionate and very well traveled social and economic justice fighter.  Before coming to Burnaby and joining ACORN, she lived in the South Side of Chicago where many of her family still reside.  She often told anyone who had the pleasure to hear her regale stories about the joy and struggle of being an African immigrant in Chicago in the 80's. 

Vancouver Sun: Bring fairness to remittance fees

Remittances BC

Remittances are big business. A remittance is a sum of money sent by global workers and immigrants to family and friends in their countries of origin. The World Bank estimates that globally in 2012, more than $400 billion US was remitted. Most of this money moved from individuals living and working in wealthy countries to relatives in middle- and low-income countries. To put this in context, global remittances in 2012 nearly equalled the annual global revenues of Walmart.