ACORN takes on RealStar and gets big attention

Toronto ACORN

Posted August 1, 2017

Mohammed Rokonuzzaman joined ACORN on Monday, and by Saturday he was leading an action of over 90 tenants against his corporate landlord at his apartment building in Southwest Scarborough. 
The 30 Denton Tenant Association is calling on RealStar Management to make some major improvements.  Among the demands to Realstar are: stop forcing tenants to pay for AC fees you are not legally entitled to, stop all harassment of tenants in the building, start doing basic work orders, and  recognize that the tenants are organized and sit down and negotiate with the 30 Denton ACORN Tenant Association. 
RealStar is a multinational corporate landlord with apartments and other real estate interests across Canada and the UK.  Feel free to call them at 416-923-2950 and tell them to meet with the 30 Denton ACORN Tenants Association.